Free School Meals during Coronavirus School Closure

The school are operating a voucher scheme with Tesco to support students who normally receive Free School Meals through the period of closure. To register a voucher/gift card, please visit the Trust website and complete your details here:



Did you know that by registering for Free School Meals your child not only has the opportunity to enjoy a free school meal, but they could also be entitled to a substantial reduction in the cost of some residential visits, after school activities and school holiday activities?

Am I eligible for Free School Meals?

If as a parent/carer/guardian you receive one of the following, you may be able to claim for Free School Meals.

Grants for school uniforms are no longer available. If you are a foster carer, and receiving a fostering allowance, you are not eligible to claim Free School Meals for those children you are fostering.

Click here to claim online

If you prefer, we can apply online for you, please just complete and return this consent form to school: 

OFSM Consent Form