All students are required to wear:

  • A black blazer with a red trim and the school badge.
  • A white shirt/blouse.
  • School clip-on tie, no other type is permitted.
  • Black school trousers or a black skirt - girls’ trousers must be tailored.
  • Flat, plain black shoes are now part of our uniform (boots and training shoes are not permitted).


  • A school jumper, tank top or a black cardigan may be worn provided they are fine knit.
  • Plain black or white socks or plain black socks or tights.

All PE Kit has to have The Birkenhead Park School logo on it.

Girls PE/Games Kit

  • Black and red shorts with logo
  • Black socks
  • Trainers
  • Towel essential on all occasions

Boys PE/Games Kit

  • Black and red shorts with logo
  • Black socks
  • Trainers
  • Football boots/shin pads
  • Towel essential on all occasions

The Birkenhead Park School recommends that gum guards be worn by all students involved in contact sports.


Dress Code:
  • No unnatural hair-colours (e.g. pink, green, blue, two-tone etc.), no extreme hair-styles (e.g. shaved, patterned or Mohicans) and no ornamental headbands/clips or “flowers”.
  • Uniform must be worn properly at all times – blazers on (unless given specific permission by a teacher in class), coats/scarves/gloves/hats off in buildings apart from the canteen, shirts always tucked in and ties worn properly
  • No jewellery other than a single small stud in each ear and a wristwatch. Anything else will be confiscated and returned by a member of the Leadership Team at the end of school day (30 minutes later for persistent offenders).
  • No body-piercings.
  • No make-up and no nail-varnish
  • No mobile phones or music players in school at any time – any found will be confiscated by a member of staff.
  • Food and drinks will only be permitted outside the canteen in the designated seating areas.
  • Lucozade, Red Bull, fizzy drinks, high energy drinks are not permitted in school, any child found with these drinks will have them confiscated.
  • Badges: only school badges and associated charity badges are acceptable.
  • A Birkenhead Park School bag provided by the school must be brought into school each day.

If in doubt over any aspect of uniform, please contact the school to seek clarification.

Full school uniform will be worn by all of our children every day, children not in school uniform will have to remedy any uniform breach before being permitted into school. Should any breach of uniform not be corrected then the school will treat this as a disciplinary matter.