Our school uniform requirements demonstrate the school values of ‘Ambition and Excellence for All’. Students are expected to maintain our excellent uniform standards at all times, including their travel to and from school when they represent BPS in the community.

School Uniform Guidelines


As part of a student’s general appearance the following are not acceptable:

  • False nails (including coloured or French polish).
  • Painted nails – only clear nail polish is permitted.
  • False eyelashes.
  • Fake tan or spray tan that does not look natural.
  • Facial piercings (clear spacers or retainers are not allowed at any time).
  • Extreme hair colours (only natural looking colours are permitted).
  • Extreme hair styles including any step change in hair length.
  • Bandanas – this includes wearing them as a hairband.
  • No shaved patterns into hair.
  • Jewellery – (including rings, bracelets, bangles).
  • Badges (other than badges issued by the school).
  • Caps or hats.

The following are acceptable:

  • One watch may be worn on the wrist.
  • One pair of small plain earrings (no sleepers, stretchers or spikes). The stud must be in the ear lobe and not at any other point of the ear.


Official Birkenhead Park School Uniform is available online or in store from Wirral Uniform Centre:




BPS is keen to support those students who identify as transgender, non-binary or gender fluid, and our uniform policy reflects our commitment to inclusion. Although we refer to boys’ and girls’ uniform we are happy to discuss the individual needs of a student if required.


If in doubt over any aspect of uniform, please contact the school to seek clarification.

Full school uniform will be worn by all of our children every day, children not in school uniform will have to remedy any uniform breach before being permitted into school. Should any breach of uniform not be corrected then the school will treat this as a disciplinary matter.